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  • First, attract the reader's eyes with a clear, informative headline.
    Example: "(Name of business) to Open in (City, State)"
  • Next, expand upon the headline with a Subhead. The Subhead is basically a subtitle. It is optional.
    Example: "New Business (Offers/Serves/Introduces/Celebrates, etc.) (Description)."
  • City, State, Date
    Example: Atlanta, GA, May 30, 2013
  • Next comes the body of your press release.

    The first paragraph is the most important. It gives an overview of what your press release is about. It should capture the reader's attention and briefly sum up what the press release is about. The first paragraph should answer all the important questions - Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?

    Examples: What is the name of the business? Who is the owner or manager? Where is the business located? What is the business doing (opening, grand opening, promotion, etc.)? When will it be open? When will the new promotion begin?

    Additional paragraphs should build upon the information in the first paragraph.

    Tip: At some point in the release, you should use a paragraph to include a quote from someone at the company . For example, if you had fifteen to twenty seconds on television or radio to say something about a point or points in the release, what would you say?
  • Next comes the Boilerplate, which is the "About" section of your press release..

    Example: "About (Name of Business)"

    Briefly sum up your business and/or company. Include year established, location base, description of the business and company.

    End with: "For more information, please visit (website address), (Facebook address) and (Twitter address)."

  • Contact Information

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